South Africa Day 2

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Day 2 was a chilled one… Track walk at 2pm was the only official thing to be done all day.

The morning started with another Sessy sizzler in the kitchen, (cheers!) a bit of bike faff, then out to town…
Josh Bryce was keen on an this little beauty… anyone know a good shipping company, as he’s close to sealing the deal!

Travel tip for SA: Bring Uk/or whatever country your from, to Euro converters. The plug sockets are beasts and adapters are far and between.

Track walk is something that takes time and consideration… and maybe a few beers.
The top half of the track sees a few changes, whilst the lower sections stays mainly the same, apart from the re-shaped jumps and surfacing to the death pedal.

If you don’t know, the whole of the Syndicate is managed by a one lady army, Kathy Sessler.
She keeps them fed, watered and laughing at all times.. Here she is with a mid-course walk snack.

Track walk video to come…

Long days definitely play on all the riders minds, so Steve and Josh Lewis got towed up the local a few times, courtesy of Bryceland + @4x4VitoSport
A real fast, singletrack descent with good flow and optional big gaps.

Ladies and Gentleman, It’s on like Donkey Kong for tomorrow.