Saturday Practice

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A short but important practice session…

Lots of stopping and starting on track for most riders, all looking at every line possible, trying to squeeze the extra seconds.

Steve and co had a slightly later start to the day… it’s been racing most nights and the track turns into snot on glass come morning.

The Syndicate train of pain was in full force all morning. With Greg and Josh styling and whipping everything as usual, Steve had his work cut out, but popped one out for the fans here on the final hip.

The Syndicate, as professional as they are, know when to switch off. They’re all huge personalities and the humour levels are always high in the pits.

Caption contest for the shot below…. Answers to @ThisIsPeaty

Kathy Sessler is not only just a Full time Manager, but a part time tog! All the pictures here are her own work…


The mood in the house was still pretty chill tonight… However, the regimental preparing of kit and goggles into zip lock bags, meant it was go time, very soon…

Steve is always iterating, how they work so well as a team. Just friend, not foe, meaning things like line sharing and giving each other advice, is constant.

Will it rain? Will the live feed work for you guys back home? Will Bryceland stop going on Red Tube so I can upload this blog? Who knows… but whatever happens, tomorrow is going to be one hell of a season opener.

If Steve’s ‘Blue Steel’ look is anything to go from, it’s show time.