Day 4 – Qualifying

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The pedal below is just under a minute long and brutal as ever. Some new surfacing has took the sting out slightly, but it’s still not a stroll through the park.

One other section most riders are commenting on is the tabletops… Huge in length, with an insanely fast run in and potentially, fast run out… Case or mess these up and your straight out of the running. Josh Bryce can be seen sitting down chilling in between them though… boom.


SPS rider Josh Lew is here in tow with Steve… his first ever world cup quali today. He had a smooth, clean run, but lacked in power during the middle section. Definitely something to build on, so well done dude, we’re all proud of ya!

No Ricky Bobby this year… He was sad to Steve head off without him at the airport, but in comes Doug Hatfield, much more than just your average mechanic.

The talk midway through the day lent itself to tire choice… Would it rain come Quali? Luckily it didn’t…. but as I type, it’s hammering down outside and the forecast isn’t pretty.


It’s always flat out in the pits for Steve, whether it’s media, friends, family or foe.

Close friend and supreme filmaker Clay Porter looks on, whilst filming for Wont Back Down.

Steve came home in 11th place today, with a hiccup in the first woods. Were people holding back and saving something for race day? It’s tight at the top and should make great racing come Sunday…

Saturday morning is the final day of practice, with the XC World Cup in the afternoon.

Bad weather forecast means the mechanics will be up late into the night prepping as best they can.

Bring on the weekend….